hello followers!:

So, I am aware that I haven’t posted on here in a long time (5 months to be exact), and I don’t know if I will post again anytime soon. If you want a reason as to why, basically, I’ve just become lazy - the drawings were taking me a while to make, & making multiple is tedious. I felt this announcement(?), if you will, is very much needed since I’m regularly getting messages about this account on my main blog. So, I’ve decided that I will not be posting anymore drawings. If you want, you can go follow me on my main blog , where I am most days, and/or you can unfollow this blog, seeing as it will be inactive until I delete it, or find another use for it. 

thank you, and sorry for this x

              Goodbye :) - Gaby x

posted 1 year ago

hi guys :)

I have a new links page on my blog in which every post is categorized, so the drawings you’d like to see are easier to find. check it out here! x

posted 2 years ago

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…

inspired by The Hangover

Anonymous asked: Each member of 1D have been sent to jail, what were their felonies?????

hahahaha ok.

Louis would definitely have been sassy & attacked someone with his purse. Niall stole some food, idk. Zayn was caught with some illegal drugs. yupp. Harry…..hmm….i imagine being caught with a prostitute. (lmfao idk) & Liam, oh gosh, being the innocent puppy that he is the only reason he’d be in jail is for like accidentally littering or something

okay don’t send me anymore messages! lol

thank you that was fun :) 

posted 2 years ago

omfg did you guys just watch 1D being pranked on Nick? hahaha a lady was faking being pregnant their reactions were gold

Anonymous asked: ARE U JESUS

send me a random message! GO GO

Anonymous asked: The carrot joke is annoying


louis thinks so too

Anonymous asked: I LOVE LOVE CARROTS!!!!:) for Louis!!!!!!

Anonymous asked: Omfg ur blog tho. Plz run 4 prez

sassy Louis is always the best Louis.